Boarding kennel manufacturers offering a range of kennel and cattery systems, including accessories such as sliding hatches and more, in the UK.

Sliding hatches are made from sheet plastic with alloy sliders; a pulley system can be ordered separately.

We supply two sizes of hatch, each size is designed to cover an aperture up to the following dimensions:-

560mm x 690mm
460mm x 535mm

Adjustable feet are designed to bolt through the bottom rail of the panel. This enables you to level the run or kennel and also makes cleaning easier.

Purlin support brackets are designed to clamp over the top rail of a side panel. These are supplied in different lengths to allow fall on the roof. Angled roof panels can be made in a wedge shape and covered in mesh with brackets welded on to take the perlins. This panel is then bolted through the top rail of the side panel. Extended roof brackets can be ordered and welded onto the side panel at the time of manufacture.

These puppy pens are a must for any breeder (constructed 25mm x 25mm box section infilled with 50mm x 50mm mesh). All panels are galvanised. These pens are very robust and yet easily moved. The door panels have a half door for ease of access and, when not in use, the pen can be unbolted and stored flat inside or out. All panels are individually priced and will interchange with each other.


Manufactured from galvanised steel, these bowl holders are designed for use with either mesh or bar panels. The bowl holders are heavy duty. We manufacture these holders in both singles and doubles. We are at present designing a free-standing version which will be adjustable in height, this will be available shortly in all sizes.

200mm single, 200mm double,
250mm single, 250mm double,
280mm single

These benches are constructed from galvanised steel with a plastic sheet infill. They can be used inside or out.

Sizes available:-

600mm x 750mm
600mm x 1200mm
600mm x 900mm
750mm x 1200mm

These dog beds are made from galvanised steel and plastic sheet infill. All the edges are covered in steel to prevent chewing. The beds come in various sizes:-

Sizes available:-

600mm x 750mm, 600mm x 900mm, 750mm x 900mm,
750mm x 1200mm, 900mm x 1200mm, 1200mm x 1200mm

These beds have a galvanised steel infill, are easy to clean and do not absorb smells or infections. The front panel is hinged to allow it to fold down to form a ramp for the pups to walk in and out of the box. These boxes can also be supplied with a whelping bar kit.

Sizes available:-

600mm x 900mm,
1200mm x 1200mm,
900mm x 1200mm

A 60 or 120 watt heater is available; these heaters are very economical. A guard for these heaters is also available.

Available in a variety of colours, fully machine washable, manufactured in polyester fibres with a thick latex backing.

Pro-Fleece is 1600 gsm per sq mtr.


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